Unlike Jeph Jacques, I am not even close to brave enough to UStream my drawing process. I will, however, give you a taste of it as a teaser for the next installment of Zombie Media.

These screenshots illustrate my somewhat quick and dirty all-digital mode of drawing. This is completely different from how I drew CFP #13 which was penciled and inked with physical pencils and pens, then scanned and shaded in Photopaint.

The first three screenshots are all from Painter and all the drawing is done with a Wacom Graphire tablet (precursor to the Bamboo tablet). My favoritest tools are liquid ink and watercolors (which I use to color scanned doodles, like this one). I use absurd numbers of layers and have usually stopped giving them logical names by the time I'm done. So I'll have sensible things like "sketch" and "flats" and then Layers 1-27.

Everything is exported to BMP and then imported into CorelDRAW for layout and lettering. A comic is born! Or a comic panel, anyway.

And if you didn't know I was a Corel fangirl, you ought to now. This is also why I root for the Senators.


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