When I attended the 2009 Small Press Expo, I was struck by the fact that there were several library-themed comics but zero for archives. Not too surprising, since I think the field has exactly one webcomic.

I love to draw, need to draw. I would really love to add another archival webcomic to the rolls. I even like to think I can be funny... but I have very little free time. As a compromise, I'm taking some inspiration from Sam Brown and outsourcing the writing to the (potential?) audience.

In other words, this post is a CFP for comic scripts. I'm happy to tailor the art to fit the idea, whether it's best suited to a single panel ala political cartoons or a full graphic novel style page. I'm limiting each submission to a single page, but I may entertain multi-page stories and recurring characters in the future. I'm shooting for a full-color weekly strip, probably updated on Fridays.

I intend to release the strips under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license (i.e. do what you want, as long as you credit the creators, don't make any money, and let others do the same with any remixes). You will of course be credited on the comic page(s) you write, and I will create a page for author blurbs and links.

I know, I know, default Drupal theme? GEEEZ, Sheepy. It won't be for long, but I want to make sure I'll actually hook some writers before going through the effort of theming.

Send your scripts to submissions@archives-cfp.com. For some tips on writing them, check out Writing Comic Books and How to Format a Comic.

And of course you'll want to see some art samples.. so here you go!